As you know, Chancellor Carranza has expressed that all schools make it a top priority to program ALL 100% of their blended students for 5-day a week in-person instruction. Those schools who are unable to accommodate 100% of their blended students into a 5-day model, would receive assistance from the District and BCO teams in achieving that goal. Please understand that this is what we are being tasked to do because the most successful learning for children takes place in person. 

I am pleased to announce, after working this week on programming, class sizes, room capacity etc., Cavallaro will be able to offer 5-day in-person instruction for ALL 100% of our blended students. At this time, it is too early to distribute revised programs. Parents are still making changes to learning preferences, class sizes are still changing, and this will affect room designations etc. What I can tell you is, we do have the staff to cover ALL 100% of our blended students with 5-days a week of In-Person instruction, so we are in good shape.

Please see the attached letter with more specific programming information to follow.

Ms. Bender