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Summer Assignments

Dear Cavallaro Families,


This year, we have decided that the Summer Assignments will serve as the pre-work needed to explore the overarching themes covered in their first unit of ELA in September. Students will engage in reading, writing, and listening tasks that are centered around Social Emotional Learning, as well as the essential questions for Unit 1 in each grade.


The multimedia texts were purposefully selected to continue to foster a culture of diversity and inclusion. The tasks were created with 3 major themes in mind: identity, empathy, and perspective. It is our hope and goal that with these 3 foci in mind, we can aid and nurture a supportive community for our students. 


Please ensure that your child completes this assignment prior to the start of school. It will allow for a smoother transition into their first Unit of ELA, as well as create a seamless academic flow from summer to the start of school.



Ms. Bender