Digital Equity Family Questionnaire

The questionnaire is available in all DOE-supported languages. Please share this notification letter (available in all DOE languages by November 4) with families by November 12 and encourage families to complete the questionnaire by December 1. Additionally, please encourage your staff, including parent coordinators and teachers, to remind families to take the survey at parent teacher conferences throughout the school year.

You should ensure that your staff know about the new features available in NYCSA (e.g., emergency contact forms, COVID consent forms, and the new parent portal) and can support families in creating NYCSA accounts, if they do not already have one (using the Family Access Management (FAM) Tool. For parents without NYCSA accounts, who do not want to obtain one, a paper version of the questionnaire is available on the Digital Equity Family Questionnaire webpage, and staff will be able to use a version of the questionnaire in Student Profile to enter families’ responses in mid-November. Paper answers received before then should be retained until the staff can enter them. More information will be shared in a future edition of Principals Digest.

For additional information on NYCSA and the FAM tool, refer to the NYCSA/FAM Technical Guide or the NYCSA/FAM Wiki. For parent resources, including an overview of NYCSA, see the NYC Schools Account webpage. Families can also contact the help desk online or by calling 718-935-5100.