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Guidance Department

We are Ms. Soto and Mr. Burstein, Cavallaro’s school counselors.  You can think of us as the link that connects parents to their child’s teachers.  We are the one stop shop for many of your concerns.   Our duties include: providing information to parents regarding their child’s attendance, lateness, grades, behavior, and social/emotional needs.  In addition, we assist students who are experiencing conflicts with their peers by conducting conflict resolution sessions.  During these sessions, students involved in a dispute meet in a safe and confidential setting to work out their problems.


Our role also includes assisting seniors and their guardians with the high school application process.  This is a very complicated process which requires lots of research for 8th graders along with their families.  We guide parents through the online application or if they prefer, the paper application.  Finally, we provide information to guardians regarding the pathway to attending a Specialized High School.

Thank you,

Ms. Soto: (718)996-6706 Ext. 1325

Mr. Burstein: (718) 996-6706 Ext. 1323

Welcome! My name is Daneen Weingarten. I am the school social worker. I am here to help the students and their families in any way I can regarding social emotional support. My responsibilities include crisis management and conflict resolution. It also involves monitoring academic progress, attendance and behavior. My goal is keeping everyone on the same path to supporting our children in the most positive and successful ways possible.


I work with mandated, as well as, at-risk students to help build their skills in solving a variety of problems they may encounter. I provide a calming and safe space for students to express themselves openly. I help them to learn and grow from mistakes they have made and try to inspire them to become better humans, be a positive part of their community and make their families proud. Most importantly, I work on building their self-esteem and aspire to make them proud of themselves.


I am looking forward to working together and making positive changes. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have at 718-996-6706 ext 2111 or you can email me at


Ms. Weingarten