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About Us

I.S. 281 Joseph B. Cavallaro Middle School
Mission Statement

“As the magnet school for STEAM, we at Joseph B. Cavallaro will provide every child with the support to grow intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally.  In an advanced inquiry based learning environment, we will serve as leaders for the 21stCentury in both technology and the arts.  Our school motto is, “All for one and one for all - full STEAM ahead.”

School Motto

All for one and one for all - full STEAM ahead! 

Vision Statement

At I.S. 281 – Joseph B. Cavallaro, it is our vision to fulfill our mandate as a N.Y.C. Middle School helping ALL students attain the highest standards as established by the city and state. Staff, parents and students will effectively communicate, collaborate and support our high academic and behavior standards. As we address the needs of ALL learners, it is our vision to allow students to become active learners who think critically and creatively, set goals and accept challenges, display respect for self, others and the environment, and demonstrate qualities of responsible, productive citizens.


Core Values – team model: equity (fairness), integrity (honesty), open communication, perseverance, empathy and trust.

Principal’s Educational Philosophy: “I believe that it is crucial to provide students with a safe and nurturing learning environment, whereby consistent goals are set and monitored, pedagogy is coherent, standards-based and data-driven, activity is motivating (relevant), engaging and measurable, and education is equitably distributed to promote the success and progress of each and every child.”