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Student Government

   Cavallaro Student Government is a committee that bestows students with the paramount tools and skill sets in becoming not only productive members of their school, but in servicing their community as the future leaders of America. The Cavallaro Student Government depends on the diversity among student voice to generate empowerment that actively reinforces the values that our school holds dear.
   The committee functions around the exchange of ideas and interests between students. As a direct result of their conjoined creative forces, the Cavallaro Student Government is also able to sort through and fix any concerns by communicating and considering the best interests of the whole school. The committee is currently comprised of 3 Grade Advisors for each grade, an Administrative Liaison, and one student representative from each grade. Students who aspire to play an active role within their school community, who have a desired vision for how they would like their school to be operated, and want to be a part of the ingredients that make Cavallaro travel “full steam ahead,” are welcome to join.