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Social And Emotional Learning

Social-emotional skills are vital for student success inside and outside of school. Research has consistently shown that SEL supports:
  • Academic Achievement
  • Student Well-being  
  • Success in School and Life 
  • Positive Social Behavior
To support our students in developing these essential skills, NYCDOE is implementing an SEL screener and intervention program that will help in providing targeted, highly responsive support to each individual student. We will build on each student's strengths while identifying skills they need to further develop. 

This year, a student in your care will be assessed by their teacher or counselor using the DESSA, a suite of research-based screening tools and assessments used with students K-12 created by Aperture Education.


The DESSA will measure your student’s grasp of important skills that will help them succeed during their school years and even after they graduate from high school. These skills are known as social and emotional skills and include taking responsibility for their actions, and working well with others.


The 8 skills measured by the DESSA can easily be taught and learned by students of all ages.

Family Resources to develop SEL skills: Strong Resilient NYC Family Resources


All Grades:

Learn: Social Awareness
Practice: Safe & Ethical Behavior
Dive Deeper:
6th Grade – Bullies Bully
7th Grade – Stand Up Against Bullying!
8th Grade – Speak Out!

All Grades:

Learn: Social Awareness
Practice: Empathy
Dive Deeper:
6th Grade – ACTIVE Listening
7th Grade – Reflective Listening
8th Grade – Developing Empathy

All Grades:

Learn: Social Awareness
Practice: Cultural Competence
Dive Deeper:
6th Grade – Be Cool: INCLUDE
7th Grade – Challenge Prejudice
8th Grade – SPOT the Stereotype