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Fine Arts


Through a formal study of a range of styles, techniques and genres, including their own social dances, students expand their perception of dance and demonstrate a variety of skills. They learn choreographic principles and demonstrate them in the studio through group tasks and choreography projects. The culmination of these tasks and projects occurs in our main stage dance productions in the auditorium, when the students apply their choreographic skills for the creation of the performance! Cavallaro has a beautiful dance studio in the basement of our school, with a brand new dance floor! All levels will be paid attention to during dance class through differentiated instruction. Our sequential dance curriculum builds from 6th grade through 8th grade, and the progression and capabilities of our students is beautiful to watch!


Students in Vocal Music will not only learn how to sing, but they will learn the basics of Music Theory and how to read basic sheet music. This includes learning vocabulary and symbols that are not in English. We cover all genres of music during class, whether we sing songs from those genres or use songs as learning tools for class. Students will be learning different skills and vocabulary as they progress through their years at Cavallaro. Each student is expected to participate in all performances, both day and night. All levels of singers are welcome to join; no prior experience is needed.


Students learn the fundamental building blocks of art and how it relates to all art media. Those that have prior experience with art will have opportunities to advance their level to suit individual needs, while beginners will be able to accomplish new goals.

 A variety of art styles and materials will be used, such as paint, sculpture, collage and drawing. All grades will have the opportunity to display their work in school as well as outside if they are inspired to take the extra step to enter contests throughout the year.

Art club is available for those who would like to spend more time on special projects and developing portfolios for art high schools. The artists get to visit museums such as The Brooklyn Museum of Art, MOMA and The Met.


Our Athletics talent program is aligned with the New York State Learning Standards for Physical Education. Our Magnet Program focuses on the history of sports, strength conditioning, cardiovascular training, speed and agility exercises.  Athletics instruction prepares our students to work as a team, develop healthy personal fitness habits and track their fitness goals now and throughout their lives.  Students develop good sportsmanship, leadership skills, and a strong work ethic leading to success in high school, college and beyond.