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Our Physical Education department provides students the means to develop socially, mentally, and physically through immersion in individual and team sports where fitness is incorporated. Every student participates in the Rising New York Road Runner program, the New York Fitness Gram, and has the opportunity to sign up for different before and after school activities such as Early Morning Fitness, Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, and Track and Field. It has been an amazing year for all of Cavallaro’s competitive sports teams.
As of 3/2/19 our Soccer team are league champions with a record of 5-1. Our Girl’s and our Boy’s basketball teams are both undefeated division champions with a 10-0 record going into the playoffs. Most impressive has been our Girls Volleyball team, the Honey Badgers, who won the NYC MSAL Fall Volleyball Championship and are still undefeated after Round 1 of the CHAMPS Girls Winter Tournament with a record of 22-0. Our Boys volleyball team is getting ready for the Spring season, they have only lost one game in two years with a record of 19-1. “Winning is a habit” Vince Lombardi.Cavallaro Championship BannersVolleyball TeamBoys Soccer Team