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STEM Talents

STEM Science

Lego WeDo Robotics - 6th graders use the Lego WeDo sets to construct Robots based on animals and machines. The students complete challenges to make the robots: walk, talk, sing, swing, dance, chirp, roar, flip, spin, climb, and run!


Lego EV3 - 7th graders construct a robotic car that can navigate a maze all on its own using Ultra Sonic Sensors to avoid collisions, Color Sensors to detect changes in color, and a Touch Sensor to interact with its environment.


Lego EV3 - 8th graders construct a Mechanical Arm that is able to lift objects and sort them into containers by shape and by color. They can then select models from the Expansion Set and build: tanks, puppies, factories, dinosaurs, and stair climbers!


All Robotics activities are conducted in small teams with an extreme emphasis on hands-on learning as well as critical thinking and problem solving! 


Vertical Hydroponics - students will become ‘Urban Farmers’ and grow from seed to harvest: tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, 3 types of lettuce, snow peas, peppers, arugula, and beans. Not only can they grow their own food, but they can provide delicious nutrition for their entire school and their local community!   


Flight Simulators - At Cavallaro’s ‘Flight Central’ students use hi-tech and ultra realistic Flight Simulators to learn all of the aspects of flight. They will master take-offs and landings, high speed maneuvers, banks and turns, and perform missions using state-of-the-art graphics and maps. All simulators feature hand and foot controls, full instrumentation and access to accurate representations of every airport on the planets. Student Pilots will be able to fly all different types of aircraft ranging from small prop planes, to jumbo jets, and even Military fighters!


HydroponicsHydroponics Growing CucumbersFlight simulators

STEM Technology

The Cavallaro STEM program with a concentration in Technology will focus on several major concepts relating to STEM and building 21st Century skills. The format of the class will center on PBL (Project-Based Learning) and students playing the role of creators. The content of the program will be rigorous, innovative and will cover, but may not be limited to, some of following topics:

· Digital Citizenship
· Technology Education
· Computer Science
· Programming
· Engineering Design Process
· Architecture / 3-D modeling
· Multimedia Communication
· Video Game / App Creation
· STEM Careers
· City Planning /Design

Mr. Hutton motivates students during competition Students programming in Ms. Zambri's classStudents having lunch during a school tripArduino programming

STEM Engineering

STEM ENGINEERING at IS 281 is all about preparing you for the Challenges of the Future.  Students learn and implement the Engineering Design Process in their everyday lives. We strive to have our students work independently and in small groups to solve real world problems by applying today’s most advanced technological solutions.  We are preparing you today for tomorrow!

Engineering is Everywhere - 6th/7th/8th Graders use the EIE Curriculum to solve real world problems using simple household products to create modern day technological solutions to problems facing our society, from Runoff Water, to Vertical Gardening, to Zombies:

WE Cover It All!


3D Printing: 6th/7th/8th Grades: Our STEM LAB features 5 LUZBOT 600 printers and the DOE’s only Stratsys F270.  These printers allow our students to cultivate designs that are both practical and astonishing.  Students manipulate the TINKERCAD program to learn the basis of 3D printing and later use these skills to strengthen and cultivate their designs to build models that show real life applications such as solar power & alternative energy.

Trout in the Classroom 6th Grade:   From tiny eggs, to new born Trout, to fingerlings, to Adulthood, our 6th grade classes take ownership of our Brown Trout.  Our 55 gallon chilled tank is the home to some of the coolest fry in town. Children monitor and adjust water conditions to regulate Ph, Dissolved Oxygen, Phosphates, and Nitrogen levels to assure that the trout can survive and thrive in our class.  Each Spring the class embarks to upstate NY to release our friends back into a natural spring or lake.

Billion Oyster Project: 7th Grade:  Put on your waders and get hip deep into Coney Island Sound as we cultivate Oysters and monitor their growth and reproduction in a man made reef.  This Environmental Engineering class is a modern day marvel, employing the latest in reef technology & 3D Printing.

Flight Simulators:  7th & 8th Grades:  The Districts most exciting program, our “Flight Central” houses 10 state of the art EDUSTATION Flight Simulators running the Lockheed Martin Prepared 3D Flight Sim program.  This is the same software that our Air Force cadets train on at the US Air Force Academy. The theories of aviation, its history, and the application to flight using gauges and flight plans allow our students to become modern day Earhart’s and Lindberg’s.


Students evaluating 3D printed model qualityFirst Lego League TrophyLego Mindstorm EV3STEM Lego Robotics Competition

STEM Math 

In STEM Math Talent, students will start off with an advanced math coursework in 6th grade in a fun, interactive learning environment. In 7th and 8th grade, they will start the Virtual Enterprise program. This course is designed to teach about entrepreneurship and how to use technology to create business documents. Each unit combines entrepreneurship and technology application skills to produce documents used in business. Students will spend 3 years in Virtual Enterprise Room 206. The classroom mimics a corporate office with conference tables, office chairs and a Cisco Spark Board used for video conferencing.
Virtual Enterprise - InterviewStem Math Interviews