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Respect for all Liaison - Irene Lanigan
E-Mail: ilanigan@schools.nyc.gov
Phone: (718) 996-6706


STEM Science

Students will engage in following activities: Lego WeDo, Lego EV3, Hydroponics, Flight Simulators.

STEM Technology

The Cavallaro STEM program with a concentration in Technology will focus on several major concepts relating to STEM and building 21st Century skills.

STEM Engineering

STEM ENGINEERING at IS 281 is all about preparing you for the Challenges of the Future.  Students learn and implement the Engineering Design Process in their everyday lives.


In STEM Math Talent, students will start off with an advanced math coursework in 6th grade in a fun, interactive learning environment. In 7th and 8th grade, they will start the Virtual Enterprise program.

Fine Arts


New York City: NIA dance students at Cavallaro Junior High School pay tribute to our first responders during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Students in Vocal Music will not only learn how to sing, but they will learn the basics of Music Theory and how to read basic sheet music.


Students learn the fundamental building blocks of art and how it relates to all art media. Those that have prior experience with art will have opportunities to advance their level to suit individual needs, while beginners will be able to accomplish new goals.


NYCDOE & NYC Health - Vaccines Information

Dear Colleagues, Thank you for all that you continue to do to support and educate NYC’s children during this unprecedented time. We recognize that the COVID-19 public health emergency has presented numerous challenges.


This summer, any New Yorker who wants them can get free "grab & go" meals across the city starting June 28th.