STEM Science


Our design lab features 4 brand new Ultimaker 3-D printers as well as a state-of-the-art Stratasys commercial-grade 3-D printer.  Students design and create their own models and get to take them home!

Our Vertical Hydroponics Lab has 2 NFT tables, 3 Tower Gardens and a Vine Crop zone.  Students become Urban Farmers and plant their own seeds, maintain the systems, and harvest the delicious fruits and vegetables! We can grow several hundred crops simultaneously and have multiple harvests!

Take off with our 15 STEM Pilot Flight Simulators!  Progressively challenging missions take our students up into the sky and learn the skills of a pilot! Aeronautics and aviation are excellent career choices!

Pick up your hammers, nails, and saws!  Learn the awesome skills of Woodworking! Students will build fantastic projects with their own hands!  Carpentry is a tremendously useful trade that students will be able to carry with them for their entire lives! 

Finally, enter the exciting world of Robotics! Students will build and program LEGO EV3 robots and successfully complete a challenging obstacle course as well as build a mechanical arm that will be able to pick objects up! Cav Tech Toads are a formidable team when entering the First Lego League competitions!