STEM Engineering

Engineering is Everywhere - 6th/7th/8th Graders use the EIE Curriculum to solve real world problems using simple household products to create modern day technological solutions to problems facing our society, from Runoff Water, to Vertical Gardening, to Zombies: WE Cover It All!

3D Printing: 6th/7th/8th Grades: Our STEM LAB features 4 brand new Ultimaker 3D printers as well as a state-of-the-art Stratsys F270 commercial-grade 3D printer.  These printers allow our students to cultivate designs that are both practical and astonishing.  Students manipulate the TINKERCAD program to learn the basis of 3D printing and later use these skills to strengthen and cultivate their designs to build models that show real life applications such as solar power & alternative energy.

Trout in the Classroom 6th Grade:   From tiny eggs, to new born Trout, to fingerlings, to Adulthood, our 6th grade classes take ownership of our Brown Trout.  Our 55 gallon chilled tank is the home to some of the coolest fry in town. Children monitor and adjust water conditions to regulate Ph, Dissolved Oxygen, Phosphates, and Nitrogen levels to assure that the trout can survive and thrive in our class.  Each Spring the class embarks to upstate NY to release our friends back into a natural spring or lake.

Billion Oyster Project: 7th Grade:  Put on your waders and get hip deep into Coney Island Sound as we cultivate Oysters and monitor their growth and reproduction in a man made reef.  This Environmental Engineering class is a modern day marvel, employing the latest in reef technology & 3D Printing.

Flight Simulators:  7th & 8th Grades:  The Districts most exciting program, our “Flight Central” houses 15 state of the art EDUSTATION Flight Simulators running the Lockheed Martin Prepared 3D Flight Sim program.  This is the same software that our Air Force cadets train on at the US Air Force Academy. The theories of aviation, its history, and the application to flight using gauges and flight plans allow our students to become modern day Earhart’s and Lindberg’s.