Letter - New Assistant Principal

Ms. Maria Delfini, our current 7th grade Assistant Principal, will transition into that role. Therefore, this leads to a vacancy in Ms. Delfini’s current position as the Assistant Principal of 7th grade.

I am honored and pleased to announce that the position of Interim Acting Assistant Principal will be filled by Ms. Fatema Mohassib, effective September 1, 2022. Ms. Mohassib will assume the responsibilities of the Assistant Principal, I.A. of the 8th grade.  I would like to share a special message from Ms. Mohassib:

“My journey at Joseph B. Cavallaro began in 1992 as a student. Being the last of my four siblings to attend, you can imagine that the teachers of Cavallaro were already very familiar with the Mohassib name. I came back ‘home’ to Cavallaro in 2003, but this time as an educator. Over the past 19 years I’ve served as an ELA teacher, mentor, Model Teacher, Instructional Coach and Literacy Coach. I have had the luxury of working directly with students, teachers, and administrators on a daily basis to strengthen the sense of school community and student achievement. I am excited to embark on my new role as an administrator. There is no other school or community that I’d be happier to serve than the one that I am a direct product of. I look forward to cultivating the same environment for your children each and every day.”

We welcome Ms. Mohassib into this new leadership role and have all the confidence in the world that the staff, students and families will truly benefit from her years here at I.S. 281, moving from student, to teacher, to literacy coach, to educational leader.



Maria Bender