School Safety - Scanning

 As part of the safety initiative for New York City Schools, on some days students will be required to go through metal scanning machines like the kind used to screen airline passengers for the purpose of detecting weapons. These scanning devices, deployed by the NYPD's School Safety Division, will identify not only weapons but other objects that are never permitted in our building and will help us to keep everyone safe in our school.

As you know, there are items that students are prohibited from bringing to school. These items listed in the Citywide Behavioral Expectations to Support Student Learning (Discipline Code) include but are not limited to blades, knives, other sharp metal instruments, etc. Students who bring these items to school may be subject to disciplinary measures. Procedures for use of scanning devices in our schools are contained in Chancellor's Regulation A-432 on Search and Seizure which is available on the Department of Education's Website. You can also request a copy from my office. We recommend that you review the Discipline Code with your child to become familiar with what items are prohibited in schools.

The scanning machines will not be at our school every day, but students must be prepared every day to successfully pass through scanners. Students must have their school photo I.D. and/or program card ready and visible before entering the building. Student backpacks, as well as all metal objects (keys, belts, coins, jewelry, etc), will go through the scanner. So if students place all metal objects in their backpack before reaching the scanner this will help the line to move quickly. Students who are not properly prepared for scanning may he required to go through a second, hand-held scan that may delay their arrival to their first class.

I hope that students will be attentive and follow instructions from all School Safety Agents and school staff and he sensitive to other students waiting to be scanned to enter the building. We will be reviewing details of the scanning process with your child in school this week.

I need your support in making this safety measure successful. Please discuss this safety procedure with your child. They must leave prohibited items at home, go quickly through scanning, and enter the building on time in the morning. I know that your child's safety is your number one concern. We are doing everything possible to ensure that all students have a safe learning environment in which they can achieve their full potential.

I am confident that this additional security resource will enhance the safety of everyone in our community. If you have questions regarding the policies and procedures on scanning, please don't hesitate to call us. I thank you in advance for your support.

Maria Bender
Principal, IS 281