JUPITER Online Grading System

Everyone has their own password, so no one else can see their grades, and they need only one login to check all their classes. This includes grades on all assignments, report cards, attendance, individual comments, and messages. All data is updated continuously.


Login ID's

Students and parents login using the Student ID#, or they can simply use the student's full name. (It recognizes either the formal name or preferred name, like Michael Smith or Mike Smith, but not last-name-first, like "Smith, Mike". If two students have the same name, it finds the one with the matching password.)

To log in use the following link:


Make sure you click “Parent” when logging in.



Random passwords are generated for each new student and parent/contact. The first time they login, they are prompted to choose their own password and enter their contact info. (Passwords are not reset each year, so they can continue using the same password.) Parents and students can select their own language on their settings screen when they login. 

Note: Each parent and student has their own separate password. It is very important that they use their own password and not share with each other, otherwise students will receive their parent's messages and parents will receive their child's messages. When students login, look in the upper left corner of their screen: If it says "Parent of", they are using the wrong password!  

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Ms. DiMatteo in the main office at (718) 996-6706.



Ms. Bender

Principal, I.S. 281

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