Resources and Guidance regarding current events

As the conflict in the Middle East continues to escalate and we are seeing increased news coverage of social media posts promoting violence, I am writing to provide you with information on how we are monitoring the events and to share some resources that may be helpful for you in discussion with your children. 

First, please be reassured that the New York City Police Department (NYPD) actively monitors social media sites and threats of violence. We remain in constant communication with NYPD, and at this time, there are no specific threats against our schools.   

In times of great upheaval and uncertainty, it is easy for fear and rumors to flourish. It is important that students are equipped with the tools they need to discern fact from fiction. We encourage you to visit for more information on how to support your child in building their skills in media literacy and safe online behaviors.  

We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive learning environment for our students at all times. Additional resources supporting thoughtful instruction and students’ mental health in the face of disturbing current events can be found at 

I urge all members of our school community to explore these resources, lean on one another, and continue to engage in open dialogue. Together, we can navigate these challenging times.  



Maria Bender


I.S. 281