Cavallaro Respect for All Week 2024 Week of 2/12-2/16

As a school community, we have organized and will partake in a series of activities for both students and teachers to participate in together during specific subject periods during the course of this week (2/12-2/16). The goal of Respect for All week focuses on how being comfortable in one’s own identity/self-expression fosters stronger connections with others, which directly inspires greater respect within our community. This will serve as the seeds of healing, promoting inclusiveness and acceptance, preventing bullying, and generating compassion and empathy within our school community and beyond. Please note that in the event a few classes don’t see that subject within their assigned day, they can do the activity the following day when teachers see that class. The ultimate goal is for our students to experience all 5 activities within this designated week.

Monday 2/12- ELA CLASSES-Characters in Literature with Kindness

**This year, ELA teachers will use their discretion to allow students to select from the following tasks:

Option A: Each ELA teacher will encourage students to brainstorm characters that are known to be kind. Students may draw ideas from books, TV, movies, etc. The students will be tasked to write reasons why they consider their selected character to be kind and provide supporting details to substantiate their claim. The teacher should allot time at the end of class for students to share out their responses.
Option B: Students will write a letter to the character they have selected who they would describe as kind. In their letter, they should address what qualities they admire about the character and why.
Option C: Students will write a short story involving themselves and the character they have selected related to kindness. For example, they could write a story about carrying out an act of kindness for someone alongside their character.

Tuesday 2/13- SOCIAL STUDIES CLASSES- Show and Tell/Cultural Appreciation Google Slides

**This year, Social Studies teachers will use their discretion to decipher which activity is more befitting for their student population.

Option A: Students will come prepared to their Social Studies class with an item that relates to their identity, personality, culture, or self-expression. Each student will share their item, explaining why this item is special and reflective of who they are.
Option B: Students will write their culture on a small piece of paper which will be placed either into a bag or a hat. The teacher will walk around and prompt each student to “select a culture”, whichever culture they receive they will have to conduct research on. They can organize their research through a Google Slides presentation.
  • They can include within their presentation (but are not limited to):
    • Food that is eaten within the selected culture
    • Attire people wear in the selected culture.
    • Holidays/Traditions that are celebrated within the selected culture.
    • Religion that is most practiced by people who are a part of this culture.

Wednesday 2/14- MATH CLASSES- Get to Know Me Stations/Data Inquiry

**This year, Math teachers will use their discretion to decipher which activity is more befitting for their student population.

Option A: Students will be presented in their math classes with a variety of “stations” through an activity that will allow them to better understand and connect to their peers. Sample stations (but are not limited to) include TikTok, Sports, Art, Music, Anime, Video games etc. During these stations, students will be greeted by other students who share a common interest and guided questions will be provided as they get to know each other through discussion. Communicating and interacting with peers will reduce bullying, nurturing empathy and compassion, leading to inclusion and acceptance.
Option B: In the real world, data analysis is used in a variety of fields to gain insights and make informed decisions. In this activity, students will learn about the importance of respecting and valuing diversity by applying it to the data they analyze in their math class. For example, they can collect data about the ethnic backgrounds, traditions, foods, etc of their classmates and create graphs or charts to visualize the distribution. By examining this data, students can understand the concept of diversity and appreciate the unique perspectives that different cultures bring to a community. This real-world connection emphasizes the significance of inclusivity and provides a practical application for math skills.

Thursday 2/15- SCIENCE CLASSES- First Responder Tribute/Teamwork

**This year, Science teachers will use their discretion to decipher which activity is more befitting for their student population.

Option A: In Science classes, students will have the opportunity to pay tribute to first responders by decorating our Cavallaro fence by the front entrance with blue ribbons. Students will also be able to write a letter of gratitude to a first responder to be sent to local fire stations, police precincts, EMT facilities, etc. Addresses to these places will be provided for staff to utilize with students. In addition, prior to this tribute, teachers should ensure that students have an understanding of who a first responder is, as well as their many functionalities such as their jobs, roles, and responsibilities within our community.
Option B: Students can explore examples of successful scientific projects that were achieved through diverse teams working together. They can discuss how individuals from different backgrounds and perspectives bring unique ideas and approaches to problem-solving. By recognizing and appreciating the value of diversity in science, students can develop a sense of respect for the contributions of all individuals, fostering an inclusive and supportive scientific community.

Friday 2/16- TALENT/PE CLASSES- Game Day

  • Students will connect and socialize with their peers as well as their teachers through playing various board games, card games, or video games.